There is never a good way to start a new journal or a blog. There is a certain pressure to make that first entry profound, or generous, or welcoming and nothing I ever seem to come up with really seems appropriate to the task. So now, my method is this: just mar the pages, break the barrier, and begin with something simple. I am afraid that if I do not I will continue to wait for the "right" kind of inspiration and years will pass. So *clears throat and steps to podium* [bra_dropcaps style='dropcap1']Welcome[/bra_dropcaps]

I am happy to begin this journey, and I am happy you have chosen to read along with me. Thank you. Please subscribe, I hope to publish every few days or at least twice a week (don't we hate putting our standards out there - you'll know when I fail!). But my goal is to have new content quite often and there will surely be something each week that you can respond to or engage, so please comment and make your thoughts known!