Palm Crosses DIY

COTA - Palm Sunday

Palm Crosses are easy enough to make and a great project to get your young ones involved in the celebration of Palm Sunday -  final Sunday of Lent that  celebrates Jesus' arrival into Jerusalem. Mark 11:8-9 -

"Many people spread their cloaks on the road, while others spread branches they had cut in the fields. Those who went ahead and those who followed shouted,  


"Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!"

I am trying to make this Palm Crosses DIY post easy with nice pictures (this is also my first DIY post, so forgive any formatting issues). My girlfriends and I got together to make all the crosses for our Church. We didn't actually have any of the children there. Instead, it was just a time for us to have a light lunch, sit around the table, and gab. We used the assembly line method, and I highly recommend it - especially if children are involved. Our assembly basically had two stations with a few women assigned to each task. The first set of ladies made the knots in the palms (this will become apparent in a second) and the second set tucked and folded the fronds into a beautiful little cross. This second part is quite easy and fun for children.

Cut the Palms

If necessary, recruit chickens to help


Pull and Divide

Pull the fronds off the branches and divide in half or however you would like.

We did half because the palms we were using split pretty easily down the middle.


Fold it

Take your halved frond and fold up as shown to form a 90 degree angle and a backwards L

Make backward L

Make backward L

Wrap it

Wrap the vertical part of your palm (the one you just folded up) down behind then up and back around the front of your horizontal piece. Now you are back where you started.


Flip, Tuck and Tighten

Flip the palm around so you have a proper 'L' then tuck the horizontal frond through the back loop you made in step 4. May have to finagle.


Backward 'L'

Pull tight to form a knot and you are back to your backward L


Make your 'T'

Flip around to see that proper 'L' then tuck the horizontal frond back (toward you) and through the knot, leaving a loop.


Then loop through again like so. When finished you should have a nice capital 'T' shape (or at least an upside down capital T).


Almost There

Flip the T around so that all your little tucked horizontal pieces aren't showing, then bring your vertical frond down (bending toward you) and through your knot. Pull looped piece down and through to desired length.


Ta Da!

And there you have your palm cross! Store them in a tupperware with a damp paper towel on the bottom until you pass them out at church. If you're planning on just making them for around the house, no need to store just hang them and place them where you would like. Good Luck!