Lois' Christening

Our sweet Lois Lee was welcomed into the family of God on 4 August 2013. It was a beautiful and special day. We hired photographer -Anne Bryant Solomon- to help us document the day. We will make a book full of pictures for Lois to have, along with a copy of the baptismal liturgy and the banner given to her by our church.

Our hope is to celebrate the anniversary of this wonderful new birth with her every year - maybe open the photo book, bring out the banner, pray over her with the holy water saved from her baptismal font. It was a very special day for us and we appreciate all of our friends and family who showed up to take that sweet vow of commitment to Lois. 

From the Liturgy: 

Deliver Lois, O Lord, from the way of sin and death

Open Lois' heart to your grace and truth

Fill Lois with your holy and life-giving Spirit

Keep Lois in the faith and communion of your holy Church

Teach Lois to love others in the power of the Spirit

Send Lois into the world in witness to your love

Bring Lois to the fullness of your peace and glory

Grant, O Lord, that all who are baptized into the death of Jesus Christ your Son may live in the power of his resurrection and look for him to come again in glory; who lives and reigns now and for ever. Amen