Giant Crosstitch DIY

giant cross stitch.jpg

The other day - well, it has been weeks now - I set about cross stitching something for my home. The only catch: I had never cross -stitched before and I didn't want your average product. I wanted it to be as big as possible.

Here are the ingredients I acquired:

  • The biggest quilting hoop I could find. That just so happened to be this 23 incher from Amazon.
  • A pattern. I found a cute one at this Etsy's CrossMyHeart
  • Embroidery Thread in your colors of choice. 
  • Embroidery Needles. I used an 18 gauge needle
  • 14 count cross stitch fabric. You have to find a roll of it large enough to fit your hoop. I found it at Hobby Lobby, but I am sure they have it at Amazon while you're at it. 

Here's How To:

So…making your pattern large. It requires a little math. The trick is knowing the count of your fabric. Since I used 14 count, I know that there are 14 stitches (holes) per inch. So for my 23 inch hoop (stretch with 14 count fabric), I have approximately 322 stitches across my hoops diameter. (That is 14 stitches per inch X however many inches you are working with).We will call this NUMBER A. If you are using the same pattern that I used, and if you ignore the extra grid with no stitches in it on the pattern like I did, Then your pattern is 50 stitches by 50 stitches. 

If you are using your own pattern, just count how many stitches across and up is in your pattern. We will call this NUMBER B. Now, divide NUMBER A (stitches on canvas) by NUMBER B (stitches on pattern). For this Home Sweet Home pattern it is approximately 6 (322/50 = 6.44). We will call this NUMBER C.


VOILA! NUMBER C is how large you can make each of your stitches. What the heck does that mean? A cross stitch pattern is usually just one square per stitch. But when you want to blow it up, just multiply those stitches by what you're able. For my pattern I ended up using 5 squares for every 1 stitch on my pattern. Does this picture make it any better?


So you see those little holes? Usually you would just skip across one square for a  single stitch. But when you're going big or going home, you gotta swallow more of those squares per stitch. See? 

Now, about doing the actual stitches. I had never really cross-stitched before. Well, I once made a very cool cross stitched drink hugger for my friend, but that was made from a kit for pre-schoolers. Cross-stitching like this isn't hard. Especially this pattern. The trick is to start in the middle and work your way out and around. Starting in the middle is the whole way to make sure that your pattern will be center on your canvas. So on your 23 inch hoop, measure in and over 11.5 inches to find your start place. Also, youtubers will tell you to make your stitches all go the same way (over under, etc). Rubbish. Just do it. 


Ok my beautiful babies - stitch away! If you make something cool show me. This was a very excellent time suck while I was waiting to heal from surgery. I encourage you to make your self do a craft anytime you have to sit still for a while. Doing so while the demands of parenthood are all around can be hard. Cross-stitching makes it easier.