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Advent and Christmas - 

I am excited about Holy Season - a time so full of the sweet mysteries of waiting, becoming, traveling, longing, and hospitality. Let's do this. 

It is the perfect moment, during Advent and Christmas, to come together and connect with intention to our highest calling (and I mean that): the religious education of our children. If teaching your child about Christ and religious life is high on your priority list, then you will miss a cornucopia of opportunity if you don’t wake up and engage the mysteries of this Holy Season.

Advent and Christmas in particular, with their centuries of symbols, songs, smells, and playful moments, have been hand crafted over centuries to be the Church’s grand presentation of Christ to the world, and especially to its children. However far our culture may have drifted from this intent, your children with their special, child-like intuition, will drink in Christ like sweet cider this season, all you need do is unearth the lessons - to throw off the hurry, competition, and the great cacophony of “things.” 

Just like you, I am learning, but perhaps unlike you, I have had the miracle of powerful mentors, models, and incredible literature that have helped guide my process of “traditioning.” As I (try to) seize this awesome privilege of guiding my family life toward the incarnation of goodness, kindness, hospitality, and love, I have had wonderful women who have showed me their ways, prayed for my children, and given me excellent advice in the process of ritual making. Too many people on Facebook, or in Church, prayer group, and my own sweet circle of friends feel lost, annoyed, and unsupported in the task of engaging Advent and Christmas. I have too many friends across this nation that are young mothers, doing this same thing, and we just aren’t sharing. I want to engage with you as we win and lose, succeed and fail. 

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“What is Advent, Really?”

daily Meditation:

New At Advents Door by Jan Richardson

Go slow; if you can. Slower. More slowly still. Friendly dark; or fearsome, this is no place; to break your neck; by rushing; by running; by crashing into; what you cannot see.